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Lighting Management Programs in Richmond, IN & Surrounding Areas

Residential | Commercial | Industrial | Retail Businesses

A Property Manager's Solution to Exterior Lighting

Bader Services offers a complete line of Exterior Lighting Management Programs for our customers. These programs provide service for all your exterior lighting needs to help improve and maintain property appearance and tenant satisfaction while avoiding legal liability. We service all commercial property types including retail, office, government, and industrial institutions.
Eliminate the frustration and guesswork with our industry leading Lighting Management Programs. Our comprehensive management program helps reduce tenant complaints, enhance appearance and improve safety through a pro-active program to keep your lights on.
Regularly scheduled night audits are conducted by our professional, highly trained staff to carefully check all exterior lights and signs on your property. Options include monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly site visits. Audit results are communicated to the property owner/manager for approval before repairs are started. You determine the level of service that fits your operational needs and budget

Our Lighting Management Programs
Services Include:
OUR GREAT RATE PRICING- Eliminates guesswork with one installed price for each service; lamp, labor, material, cleaning, warranty, disposal fees and lift charge.
SUPPLY STORE - Our service trucks are stocked with an inventory of lamps and ballasts for servicing most commercial exterior lights reducing repair time.
INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY - Every HID and fluorescent lamp replacement is warranted for one year and ballasts for one year.
AUTOMATIC REPAIRS – Bader Services offers the option of totally hands-off lighting maintenance that automatically handles outages as they are found. You stay within budget each month because the Bader service team tracks all repairs.
WARRANTY TRACKING – Bader Services will maintain records for warranty purposes on any lamp or ballast we replace under this program. This means less time and cost for you.
GREEN COMPLIANCE - All waste lamps are recycled by Bader Services in accordance with current EPA requirements. Program flexibility and scalability allows us to tailor the program for you, whether you manage one property or have responsibility for an entire portfolio.
Contact Bader Services today at (800-762-5755) for your entire lighting management program's needs.