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Generator Maintenance Plan in Richmond, IN & Surrounding Areas

Residential | Commercial | Industrial | Retail Businesses

You rely on your generator to keep your power on when power outage occurs. To be sure your generator is ready when needed, call Bader Services. Bader provides preventive and routine maintenance plans to help keep your generator up and running.

All generators require routine maintenance, just like your car or truck. Being diligent on this maintenance can help prolong the life of your generator as well as ensure it is ready and able when called upon. Bader Service Inc. offers a Generator Maintenance Plan that provides one or two annual inspections of your generators to assure smooth operation.
Our Generator Maintenance plan includes:
Replace Sparkplugs
Replace air Filter
Change oil filter
Change oil
Check starter motor & starting sequence
Check fuel line & check for oil leaks
Check charging system and test battery
Our Generator Maintenance Plan keeps your generator in optimum operating condition for a longer service life, while assuring peace of mind when the power goes out.
We offer maintenance plans to all generator types, whether we installed it or not. Call today to start your maintenance plan.